ICT has radically altered the way we live our lives and it is ever-changing. Life at home, work and leisure time are all affected and our aim is to equip every child with the skills needed to enter this technological age.

This is a very practical, active subject in which children learn best through hands-on experience. Computers, laptops, cameras, video and sound recorders are all used regularly, across the curriculum, to help children explore and become confident with a range of equipment and to make them independent learners.

We provide a broad range of educational software for the children to investigate and interact with and, with guidance, children learn to use the internet in a discriminating way to research, edit, present and communicate information. Guidelines are carefully followed, to teach children about e-safety both in school and at home.

The School’s Learning Resource Centre sits within the heart of the new school building. As there is Wi-Fi access throughout the building, pupils and staff are able to access computers wherever they are based.  Each classroom contains an interactive projector that links to a whiteboard, to support learning and teaching. Each class has between two and four computers.  Every class in the school has access to a set of laptops, netbooks (Android and PC's) & Apple iPads.  The networked computers are connected to a coloured printer.

Along with the computers, the school has the following hardware: digital cameras, microphones, visualisers.