Our school is enthusiastic about language teaching. We recognise the value of acquiring another language and of establishing intercultural relationships.

Equipping pupils to use more than one language and to broaden their cultural horizons encourages ambition and aspiration for their lives in the future.

Spanish is taught weekly in Key stage 2 at St Francis, since the majority  of our students make the transition to secondary schools where this is more available as a modern foreign language and we always look for opportunities to embed the language in other areas of the curriculum.

Following the Languages Programme of Study at Key Stage 2 and the 2014  Curriculum,  we try to lay the foundations for further language study at Key Stage 3. We attend MFL meetings at Christ the King College to ensure we are planning for succesful language transition between Primary and Secondary.

We try to strike a balance between familiarity with the spoken and written word and use authentic sources as much as possible.

Games, songs, role-play and stories all contribute to interactive sessions in which we aim to build confidence when trying out a new language and to encourage interest in a country other than our own.