The school has its own R.E. syllabus which is based on the IOW agreed syllabus and ‘God Matters’; the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth R.E. syllabus. As well as providing specific teaching about the Christian faith and the life of Christ and his followers, we also study comparative religions; Judaism, Hinduism and Islam, the teaching of which is carefully planned into our R.E. syllabus.

We aim at all times to encourage children to be sensitive to other people and to the world around them. In the process, children are helped to seek truths, examine answers, and begin to form ideas of a personal faith.

All children share daily Collective Worship in school; this can be within class, Key Stage or as a whole-school. We encourage parents to come and support their children at year group assemblies, which occur once a term.

Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from Religious Education and/or Collective Worship, and may do so by informing the Principal.


  1. St Francis New RE Planning Overview & Curriculum - 2018