St. Francis School Day

The start and finish times are as follows:
08:35 hrs – 14:50 hrs.

Before School

Teachers will open the classroom doors at 8:25 a.m. to allow children to enter school and be in class, ready to start on time.

After School

 If attending a club, children should be met by parents, at the area specified on the club information letter. Otherwise, parents should remain in the play area, outside of class, ready to receive children from their class teacher or class support assistant.

Up to Year 4, all children must be collected by an adult. If there is to be a change in the adult collecting a child then the school must be informed by letter. From Year 4 , particularly the Summer Term, parents may allow their child to walk home independently or to an agreed meeting point. The school must be informed in writing if a child is to leave school unaccompanied.

Family holidays should be taken within the school holidays rather than in term time. Please see our Attendance Policy for further clarity. Authorised absence must not exceed 10 days. Where attendance falls below 92% the situation is monitored by the Education Welfare Officer.

Absence from School.

If your child has to be away from school for any reason then we need to know. To meet legal requirements, please telephone the school on the first morning of absence. If we do not hear from you by the close of registration, your child will be marked as absent. We will endeavour to contact you by telephone by 09:30 am to establish the reason for absence.

On your child’s return to school please send a note of confirmation otherwise the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

  1. TERM DATES 2018-2019 2